Who are we?

"the3percenters" is a writer’s collective and publishing partnership formed to promote emerging writers. It originated in a group of writers associated with the annual Dalkey Creates writing festival. 


Who are we?

the3percenters is an authors' collective and publishing partnership formed to promote emerging writers. The group were originally associated with the annual Dalkey Creates Writing Festival.


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Adrian Taheny

has appeared in many notable theatre productions, including Druid’s Threepenny Opera. In 2017, he had two stories published in Storytellers, New Writing from Ireland and, in 2018, a further two stories were featured in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories. He is in the process of completing his first novel.

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Alix Moore

is a Londoner who followed her heart to Ireland in 2016. In 2017, her short story The Surprise was published in Storytellers, New Writing from Ireland and, in 2018, she had a further two stories featured in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories. She is currently working on her first novel – a psychological thriller set in the world of music and medicine.

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Caroline Bale

writes crime fiction with a psychological twist, drawing upon her practice as a psychotherapist to create complex plots and engaging characters. In 2018, she was selected as a finalist in the Irish Writer’s Centre Novel Fair for her novel Remember Me, and her short story Vainglorious Bastard was published in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories. In 2019, her crime novel I Will Make You Pay was published by Joffe Books, becoming an immediate bestseller.

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Jenny Wright

was born in Edinburgh and lives in Dublin. Her short story Frankie was included in All Good Things Begin, an anthology of new writing. Jenny’s novel for children, The Cinderella Project, was published in 2018, and her short story A Casual Killing was included in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories.

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Mark Bastow

his first two novels were fantasy adventure novels set in seventeenth century London. His third novel was a police procedural set in Yorkshire. His short stories, two of which were published in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories, include crime, supernatural, historical and children’s fiction. 

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Martin Keating

his stories have been prize-winners in the Dalkey Creates and the Maria Edgeworth Short Story Competitions, and his story The Woodpusher appears in the 2109 Fish Anthology. His historical crime novel Moriarty was a winner in the Irish Writer’s Centre 2018 Novel Fair. Two of his stories appear in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories.

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Susan Rodgers

worked as a freelance writer and editor for magazines in the United States before moving to Ireland in 2001. Her short story The Other Woman was published in Storytellers, New Writing from Ireland in 2017 and her story Itch featured in Sins, New Irish Crime Stories in 2018. She is in the process of completing a collection of short stories entitled Body on the Beach.



About our second book

Following the success of SINS, New Irish Crime Stories, the seven writers from the3percenters take us back to the dark side of life. Edited by Ferdia Mac Anna, these new stories hit new highs in crime fiction while bringing us new lows in human behaviour. SINFUL is the second in a scheduled trilogy of short story collections from the3percenters.

Seven deadly writers, each with their own distinctive voice.  


An evil presence stalks the Irish countryside. A debt collector receives a most unwelcome present.  An aggrieved farmer, cheated of his inheritance, develops a taste for killing.  A once-besotted lover turns to revenge.

LAUNCH DATE :                              9th OCTOBER  2019

Available online and and in selected bookshops


About our first book...


Seven Deadly Sins. Eleven Killer Stories.

Nothing matches the Power of Seven. In this anthology, seven writers tempt you with a modern take on the Seven Deadly Sins, unleashing eleven riveting new crime stories, edited by Ferdia Mac Anna.


Take a walk on the dark side.

A woman seduces her boss and considers murdering his wife. A case of mistaken identity leads to disastrous consequences. An unexpected visitor arrives with a camera but takes more than photos. A bitter sixth-former at an English public school exacts the ultimate revenge.

Published :  OCTOBER 2018

Available online and in selected bookshops

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RTE  Culture

SINS-an Irish crime anthology with a twist

Author Adrian Taheny writes for Culture about Sins, a new Irish crime anthology with a twist-several of them, in fact....

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Ferdia Mac Anna

Ferdia Mac Anna is a novelist, film director, screenwriter and lecturer. He has written three novels, The Last of the High Kings (made into a Hollywood movie starring Jared Leto, Gabriel Byrne and Christina Ricci), The Ship Inspector and Cartoon City. His films include All About Eva (2016), and DannyBoy (2019).



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